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作为一家公司,赚取利润不是我们的目标。履行责任才是我们永恒的追求。我们对自己的责任,对员工的责任和对社会的责任,在市场竞争中,以责任为基础建构的企业理念为驰太铺设了一条抗风拒浪的通道 。
责任使我们不敢忘记身后无数信任的眼睛,这些眼睛让我们明白做企业如同做人,要诚信才能久远;责任让我们以理性处事,以人性待人, 立足现实,追求完善;责任让我们永远言必行,行必果, 历史的昭示, 现实的机遇,未来的挑战;这一切均将凝聚成两个字——发展!支撑这两个字的是勤劳智慧和汗水,是一往直前、声声不息的坚实步伐。
我们将继续努力,不断追求品质和服务,营造热情开放、真诚协作、开拓进取的共赢氛围。更渴望与各界朋友继续同心携手,达到“奉献社会,永续 经营”的企业目标。


As a company, earning profits is not our only goal, fulfilling responsibilities is our eternal pursuit. We are responsible for ourselves, for our employees and for the society. Our enterprise philosophy established on the basis of responsibility has laid a passageway which can resist winds and waves for Chitai in the market competition.

Responsibility makes us not dare to forget the numerous eyes that trust us; these eyes enable us to understand that doing business is similar to conducting oneself, being honesty can go far away.

Responsibility makes us do business rationally, and treat people humanly, so that we can stand on the reality and pursue perfectness. Responsibility makes us be truthful in speech and firm in action; the historical declaration, actual opportunity and future challenge, all of them agglomerate to be development! It is diligence, wisdom and perspiration that support development, it is the dountless and endless solid paces that supports development. We acts practically and carefully, we treat people tolerantly and honestly, we pursue extensive and profound and endless development. We will continue to strive, to keep on pursuing top-ranking quality and service, for the purpose of creating a zealous, open, honest and cooperative win-win atmosphere which is full of pioneering spirit. We are also eager for continuing cooperating with friends from all walks of life to achieve the enterprise objective of “contributing to the society and everlasting operating”.   

We would like to express our appreciation to friends from all walks of life for their vigorous support and selfless care for Chitai, to our assiduous employees working at each post!


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